Dunes City

Dunes City:  A friendly place to live

Dunes City

Dunes City is a small town consisting of only 1,321 residents.  They are located off the Oregon Coast Highway and tucked in between two lakes that lay south of Florence.  Many of the residents have chosen here as their second home, a perfect place to retire or purchase a vacation home.  Dunes City is a unique place.

The Lakes

The city offers many outdoor activities that are geared toward hiking and lake activities. When you visit Dunes City, it makes sense why. Dunes City is nestled between Woahink Lake and Siltcoos Lake. Each lake offers endless fishing, kayaking and boating entertainment. Woahink Lake extends deeper below the sea level than any other lake along the Oregon Coast and Siltcoos Lake, at 3,164 acres, is the largest lake along the coast.

Woahink Lake

Dunes Recreation Area

A rather large attraction for the small coastal town is their famous sand dunes. These create endless entertainment for families that come visit. People love hiking up to the top to explore behind the trees and see a breathtaking view of the ocean. Along the base of the dune the beach is flat, with easy accessibility. You will see a lot of dune buggies zooming around! There are multiple rental sites that allow day use of the buggies or you can bring yours from home. Trails extend as long as 2.5 miles inland, and some are as high as 500 feet

Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon

City Programs

Dunes City annually hosts an Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon, where many of the participants are training to be Olympic Athletes. Dune City hosts this event every Mother's Day weekend. The participants start with a swim across the clear Woahink Lake, then bike across Dunes country roads and they end with a run through the winding trails of Honeyman State Park.

Currently, Dunes City is also looking for a viable source to provide funding to help build a road that stretches from one side of the city to the other. The only way to walk or bike across town is to take Highway 101. The city is hoping to create a beautiful path that blends in with the scenery to create a safe and informational path through the city.