Celebration of Innovation & Talent Awards

Celebration of Innovation & Talent Awards
Posted on 11/19/2018

Lane County Community & Economic Development was a proud sponsor of the first annual Celebration of Innovation & Talent Awards event.  

Lane County Administrator, Steve Mokrohisky, presented the award for Small Market Triumph.  Meant MFG Founder, Lindsey Phillips received the award and a $500 check. 

Ms. Phillips started the Florence based Meant MFG in 2015 and has built it into a flourishing business.  Oregon Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network has been guiding her in creating a manufacturing and marketing plan to meet the high demand for her line of handbags. 

The event was created by the Register-Guard.  This is a quote from the paper after the event.  “We created this event because we felt like there was an opportunity to celebrate all the exciting and innovative things that are happening in Lane County; pockets of people tend to know about what’s happening, but not the community at large,” says Shanna Cannon, publisher of RG Media Company. “We felt like we had a real opportunity to celebrate the job growth that’s in this community and the work that’s being done around that, as well as all of the innovative ideas, businesses being created and started, products that are coming out of this marketplace, that again, too few people know about.”

We look forward to next year to see what great talent and innovation is out there!