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Organizational Assessment Related to Grants Management

Posted on:2022/07/06 | Entity:County Administration | Category:Professional Services | Type:RFP

Request for Proposals. Lane County will receive proposals for Organizational Assessments Related to Grants Management until 5:00 p.m. PDT on August 15, 2022. Proposals received after this deadline will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted in PDF format electronically to [email protected]

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Lane County APM policies related to grants management. 

Questions and Answers July 27 2022

Video of Information Session July 18 2022

Information Session PowerPoint 

Overview. Lane County, Oregon seeks a consultant to conduct an organizational assessment related to grants management. Assessment will include recommendations on how Lane County as an organization can support all departments during the full life-cycle of grants (federal, state, and local). Assessment will also include recommendations on the ideal components for grant administration software to meet the business needs of Lane County.

Recommendations may include but are not limited to policies, procedures, workflow processes related to grant administration and software components that would help Lane County efficiently meet its business goals related to grant management.

The organizational assessment will include a review and observation of current business needs and processes for each department, including how each department researches, applies for, approves, tracks, monitors compliance, and closes out each grant. The assessment will include a fit-gap analysis to identify areas of improvement and recommendations to create alignment through business process changes or configurations. Change management analysis will be included to understand the unique expectations, needs, and level of influence of each department, and the targeted strategies to mitigate those areas accordingly.


Deadline for Submissions: 2022/08/15 17:00:00
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