Coordinated Entry

Lane County Human Services Division is recommending that all Coordinated Entry Front Door Assessments be conducted via phone only until further notice. The goal of this recommendation is to support community wide social distancing measures by reducing the volume of participants who visit access centers for services that do not require in-person meetings. We will be re-evaluating this Timeline on a bi-weekly basis as COVID-19 responses continue to develop and will keep you all informed when things change. Please check the website weekly for updates. 

What is Coordinated Entry? 
Coordinated Entry is an approach to coordination and management of a crisis response system's resources. It allows users to make consistent decisions from available information. The goal is to efficiently and effectively connect people to assistance that will rapidly end their homelessness.

Purpose of Coordinated Entry
Before vs After CE

There are designated access points in which any household experiencing homelessness can access a “Front Door Assessment” to be assessed for housing and services. All Front Door Assessments use a standardized assessment.

Phases of Coordinated Entry

1.  Access Points - Where to find a Front Door?
2.  Prioritization - What is the Central Wait List?
3.  Referral - Getting matched with a housing program

1. Are you currently experiencing homelessness? Where to find a Front Door access point.

If you are living in an emergency shelter, outdoors, in your car, or other homeless situation, then you are considered literally homeless.

Flowchart of HUD's Chronic Homeless Definition

If you are a household with children who is at risk of homelessness, please reach out to SVDP First Place Family Center.

Households experiencing homelessness can access any of the below agencies to be assessed for housing and services that are dedicated to the unhoused. A Front Door Assessment will allow homeless households to be placed on the Central Wait List for housing. Please contact a Front Door Agency for an assessment.
 CE Overview for Clients

Printable Front Door Assessors List.pdf

At risk of becoming homeless?

If you are currently housed, but are at risk of homelessness, homelessness prevention assistance may be accessed through our Community Service Centers.

Community Service Centers:

  • Catholic Community Services, Eugene/Springfield – call their intake line 541-345-3628
  • Community Sharing (Cottage Grove): 541-942-2176
  • Siuslaw Outreach Services (Florence): 541-997-2816
  • For Families with Children – St. Vincent de Paul First Place Family Center: 541-342-7728
  • For Youth – Looking Glass: 541-686-4310
  • ShelterCare also has private resources: 541-689-3785

What happens at a Front Door Agency?

Clients experiencing homelessness will sit down with a skilled assessor and take a Front Door Assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to triage an individual or family’s needs and housing history in a fair and objective manner. Through this assessment, eligible homeless households will be placed on the Central Wait List for housing. Eventually the information collected will help match the clients to the right housing program.

Note: The Central Wait List does not include all housing resources.  We encourage you to get on as many lists as possible to increase your chances of finding housing. Housing is not guaranteed on any list.

Other housing options include:

Homes for Good

St. Vincent de Paul

Catholic Community Services – rental counselors 

Cornerstone Community Housing

2. What is the Central Wait List?

Central Wait List is a prioritized by-name list of households needing housing. It is ranked by those most in need based on various criteria which was collected during the Front Door Assessment. The list is not first come first served. Lane County currently prioritizes chronically homeless households for all Permanent Supportive Housing and Rapid Rehousing projects.

The Central Wait List does not include all housing resources. See step 1 above for additional options.

3. Getting matched with a housing program

When a housing program has a vacancy, they contact Lane County Coordinated Entry staff. Some housing programs have different eligibility criteria. County staff will review the client’s information and match the right client from the Central Wait List to the right vacancy.  A housing case manager will contact the client when they have been referred to a housing program.

Who pulls from the Central Wait List?

Housing providers listed below pull names from the list to fill vacancies. 

a list of all programs for Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, and Transitional Housing are provided