Eviction Moratorium

On May 19th, 2021, Governor Kate Brown signed SB 282, the Tenant COVID Protection bill. This bill extends the grace period for repayment of past-due back rent after the eviction moratorium expires on June 30, 2021.

The Eviction Moratorium ends on June 30, 2021. As of July 1, tenants must pay current rent on-time, or face eviction for non-payment. Tenants cannot be evicted for back-due rent from April 2020 through June 2021 until February 28, 2022. This is not legal advice from Lane County.

For more information about the Eviction Moratorium, visit Oregon Law Help's website.

Resources for tenants with questions about their situation:

Legal Aid Eviction Updates Statewide
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Oregon Law Center/Lane County Legal Aid
Legal representation (may just be advice) regarding evictions, landlord/tenant disputes, expungements, domestic violence, immigration, etc. Call (485-1017) and apply over the phone. Intake staff will call you back and interview for eligibility and follow-up.

Springfield Eugene Tenant Association (SETA):
A voice message hotline is available at: 541-972-3715. They have a small volunteer team and it may take a few days to reply.

Oregon Law Help: