PPE Decontamination

A Battelle  Critical Care Decontamination System has been placed on University of Oregon property along Franklin Boulevard in Eugene, and will serve a 200-mile area around the hub.

The Battelle System will decontaminate N-95 respirators, increasing their usable life significantly and preserving critical PPE supplies for medical providers, first responders and other essential services.

The Battelle System was placed in Eugene by the federal government, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in partnership with the State of Oregon.

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What is the Battelle System?

  • The Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System is a resource used to decontaminate N-95 respirators.
  • This system will arrive next week in Eugene and will be available for use free of charge for any public or private organizations with personnel who use N-95 respirators.
  • Eugene will be the hub for the Battelle System and will serve the needs within a 200-mile service area.
  • For remote sites outside the 200-mile area, Battelle will provide FedEx labels for shipment to the closest decontamination site.
  • An additional Battelle System is expected to arrive in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to help serve locations in eastern Oregon.

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Who is this service for?

Any healthcare workers and first responder agencies, law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, and fire and EMS agencies with N-95 respirators that have been directly (or indirectly) exposed to:

  • Patients or infectious materials (e.g. blood, tissue and specific body fluids).
  • Contaminated medical supplies, devices, and equipment.
  • Contaminated environmental surfaces or contaminated air.

How can your agency access the Battelle System?

Please go to www.battelle.org/decon and click on the enroll button and complete the necessary information.

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