London Road Safety Corridor (LRSC)

More people have been killed or seriously injured on the first seven miles of London Road, between Cottage Grove and the lake, than most roads in Oregon. The London Road Safety Corridor (LRSC) designation begins at milepost 0 at Latham Road to milepost 7 at Cottage Grove Reservoir Road. The Safety Corridor designation will be in effect between July 4, 2021 and July 5, 2024, which will involve overtime enforcement of traffic patrol, doubling of traffic violation fines, public education campaigns, and engineering improvements. 


We need everyone to make safety a priority. Plan travel times realistically to provide enough time to travel at safer speeds. Coordinate with friends and family to designate a driver to ensure the person driving is sober. Most of the serious crashes on London Road have involved drugs and/or alcohol. By making a plan, we can prevent these tragic crashes. 

30th Ave Map
            Vicinity Map of Safety Corridor

Wildfire Evacuation Information -

All wildfire evacuations in Lane County have been canceled. (Yay, firefighters and rain!)