Large Events

Large events and the mission of Lane County Parks  
Large events can fit the mission of Lane County Parks if properly managed as to their frequency and impact on neighbors, environmental qualities, and other park uses.

What is a Large Event?
Any event doing any of the following is considered a large event:
  • A single event attended by 1,000 or more people.
  • The event may occur within a single day, or may be spread over several
    continuous days.
  • It may be an event open to the public or by private invitation only, and it may be conducted by a commercial enterprise, not‐for‐profit organization, private individual, governmental agency, or public institution. 

Find the Special Event Application here

A complete application must include:

  1. Special Event Application
  2. Detailed Map 
  3. Insurance Information

Parks Suitable for a Large Event 
Armitage Park
Baker Bay Park​
Howard Buford Recreation Area
Orchard Point 
Perkins Peninsula Park
Richardson Park  
Zumwalt park 

Large Events Task Force

The Lane County Large Event Task Force unanimously adopted their final report on September 28, 2015.  It is available for download by clicking the following link:

Recommendations and Findings of the Lane County Large Events Task Force - September 28, 2015