Eat Smart, Waste Less

Households are the largest contributors to food waste in Lane County,
followed by consumer-facing businesses like restaurants and grocery stores. By making small changes, we can all solve the problem of food waste. 

Eat Smart, Waste Less

6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Here are 6 ways to reduce your household's food waste:

1. Shop with meals in mindMake a list with meals in mind and only get what you think you’ll use. Try to avoid “deals” if you won’t end up eating what you buy.

2. Prep now and eat later — Prepare ingredients in advance to save time, effort and money. Try cooking several meals at once and freezing the rest for a later date. If you notice something going bad, make a soup or freeze individual ingredients.

3. Keep it freshStore fruits and vegetables where they will last the longest.

4. Eat what you buy — Use up leftovers and ingredients on hand before you buy more. Create an “Eat this first” section in your fridge.

5. Measure your wasted foodMeasure how much food your family wastes over four weeks. You might be surprised!

6. Plan micro-shopping trips — Plan a trip on your way home for a single meal instead of “stock up trips”.