Free household paint and fluorescent lamp collection in Florence Friday, June 18

Free household paint and fluorescent lamp collection in Florence Friday, June 18
Posted on 06/08/2021

The free household paint and fluorescent lamp collection will accept up to 35 gallons of household paint and 20 fluorescent lamps per household on Friday, June 18, in Florence. Household paint and fluorescent lamps from businesses, schools, churches, government agencies or non-profits may be subject to disposal fees and those organizations must pre-register for the event.


When: Friday, June 18, 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

Where: Florence Transfer Station (2820 N. Rhododendron Drive)

Who: All community members are welcome to participate in the roundup


What to bring:

Up to 35 gallons of household paint (measured by can size, not liquid contents) and 20 fluorescent lamps.


Please don't bring:

Aerosol spray cans, household cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, car care products, arts and crafts products, pool chemicals, old fuels such as gasoline or diesel and other household hazardous waste.  Empty containers, drums, radioactive waste, asbestos or explosives. Any empty containers can be safely thrown in the trash. For information about disposal of radioactive waste, asbestos or explosives call 541-682-3828.


What about hazardous waste from businesses?

Businesses, schools, churches, government agencies and non-profits that generate small amounts of hazardous waste may pre-register to bring that waste to this event. They must pay for disposal of the waste, but most can save money by using this program rather than hiring a contractor.


Where to place the household paint and fluorescent lamps in your vehicle?

Safety is our first priority for this collection. Please follow these precautions when attending. Place all materials in the trunk, SUV cargo area or truck bed. Materials will not be collected from vehicles’ passenger compartments. If materials are in the passenger compartment, you will be asked to leave the line and move the materials on your own. Event staff cannot assist you.


Electronics Recycling

The Glenwood, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Florence, Marcola, Oakridge, Rattlesnake, Veneta and Vida transfer stations accept the following items for free during normal operating hours (maximum of seven items at a time): televisions, computer monitors, CPUs and laptops. Appointments are required and fees may apply for more than seven items. Call 682-4120 for an appointment. There is a $35.00 charge for large copy or printing machines, as well as large floor-standing electronics.


Please call 541 682-4120 for more information about hazardous waste disposal for households or businesses.