New FREE app helps residents answer their hardest recycling questions in English and Spanish

New FREE app helps residents answer their hardest recycling questions in English and Spanish
Posted on 08/26/2020

Do pizza boxes go in the recycling or garbage? Now residents will have the answer at their fingertips in English and Spanish!


Lane County has launched a new WasteWise Lane County app, available for free in the Android and Apple stores and powered by ReCollect, as part of the #RecycleRight! statewide campaign. Residents can also use the tool to schedule household hazardous waste appointments.


Download the iOS version.

Download the Android version.


Users can search the app’s “WasteWise Lane County” tool to see whether a material should go in the trash or recycling. For example, look up “garden hose” and the app says to put it in your curbside garbage container. A search for “fluorescent bulbs” will tell the user to make a household hazardous waste appointment to drop off spent lamps and bulbs free of charge at the Glenwood Hazardous Waste Collection Center. Typing in “Yard and Garden Trimmings” shows that compostable materials should be placed in yard debris bins curbside or taken to a yard debris facility such as Lane Forest Products or Rexius.


“We know that residents want to recycle correctly and support Lane County sustainability efforts, but don’t always know what should and should not be placed in recycling bins,” said Lane County Waste Management Division Manager Jeff Orlandini. “Through the free WasteWise Lane County app, we can offer residents continuing education in a convenient, easy-to-use format available at their fingertips.”


Lane County, in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and counties throughout the state, launched the Recycle Right! Campaign this year. The campaign surveyed counties throughout Oregon and processors to determine the top five contaminants in recycling. The campaign focuses on five items that should never go into your household recycling bin: plastic bags and plastic wrap, batteries, clothing, textiles and fabric, Styrofoam and frozen food boxes.


The goal of the “Recycle Right” campaign is to reduce contamination in the recycling system and to have coordinated messaging throughout Oregon. For more information about Lane County’s WasteWise program, visit