Lane County declares second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples' Day

Lane County declares second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples' Day
Posted on 09/28/2021

The Board of County Commissioners voted to declare the second Monday in each October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 


“In spite of what many of us were taught as children, Christopher Columbus did not ‘discover’ the Americas. There were thriving and vibrant Indigenous cultures across this continent long before Europeans arrived,” said Board Chair Joe Berney. “This declaration is one step toward recognizing the many contributions Indigenous people have made to our community, particularly the Kalapuya peoples whose traditional homeland is where Lane County now stands.” 


The declaration was brought forward at the request of the Board of County Commissioners and was drafted with help from Indigenous community leaders and others who have worked on similar efforts in the past. 


The declaration reads, in part, as follows: “Lane County shall utilize the second Monday in October as an opportunity to reflect upon the ongoing struggles of Indigenous people of this land, to celebrate the thriving cultures and values of the Indigenous Peoples of our region, and to stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples elsewhere.”


The concept of Indigenous Peoples’ Day was first proposed in 1977 by a delegation of Native Nations at the United Nations-sponsored International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas. Lane County joins the cities of Springfield, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, the State of Oregon and others in recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day.