Eugene, Springfield and Lane County to begin leaf pickup

Eugene, Springfield and Lane County to begin leaf pickup
Posted on 11/01/2021

Lane County Public Works will begin its annual leaf pick-up program on Monday, November 8.  The County collects leaves in two rounds in two general areas: Santa Clara north of Beltline Highway and several Springfield locations generally just outside the city limits. Lane County crews may be working in your zone prior to official collection dates if time allows; however, crews will return to your zone as scheduled. 

Removing leaves from catch basins, grates and gutters allows storm water to run off and prevents flooding. Keeping leaves out of the drainage system also improves water quality because decomposing leaves use up oxygen that is needed by aquatic life in local streams and rivers. And removing slippery leaves from streets and sidewalks makes travel safer for people walking, biking and driving. 


Leaves are the only items collected. Piles with branches, pine needles, trash, grass and other lawn debris are not accepted and will not be collected.


Lane County provides a leaf collection information line (541-682-8565) updated at 5:00 p.m. each Friday. It describes where leaf pickup begins on a weekly basis. For more information and maps of the pickup areas, go to, call 541-682-6905 or e-mail [email protected].