Lane County Board of Commissioners seeks input on redistricting process

Lane County Board of Commissioners seeks input on redistricting process
Posted on 11/16/2020

The Lane County Board of Commissioners is holding a work session focused on the redistricting process on Wednesday, December 2, at 9:00 a.m.


Community members are invited to provide up to three minutes of virtual public comment at the beginning of the work session. Local leaders and advocacy groups, including the League of Women Voters and the Democratic and Republican parties of Lane County, have also been invited to participate.


Community members who would like to offer public comment during this work session should register at


What is redistricting?


Redistricting is the process of drawing boundaries for electoral districts and typically occurs after the census. The Board is responsible for redistricting the five zones represented by commissioners. There are two main priorities when it comes to establishing district boundaries for Lane County commissioners: 1) balancing population so that each commissioner represents a similar number of constituents, and 2) balancing community types (e.g. rural vs. urban residents).


The Home Rule Charter for Lane County requires the redistricting process as follows: “In accordance with Federal, State, or County census figures, the boundaries of the five districts shall be drawn by the board of commissioners so as not to deny any person equal protection of the law. The board of commissioners shall, not less than every 10 years, initiate review of the population densities of each district and modify boundaries when necessary. No boundary creation, position designation or boundary change shall disqualify a commissioner from completing the term of office to which that commissioner was elected or appointed.”


In the past, the Board has appointed a task force to provide the Board with recommendations. This work session is an opportunity for the Board to discuss what format a task force might take in 2021. The Board must also hold multiple public hearings prior to adopting any new district boundaries via an ordinance.


The last redistricting of commissioner zones occurred in 2011.