WasteWise Holidays: Get creative when it comes to gifts

WasteWise Holidays: Get creative when it comes to gifts
Posted on 12/13/2021

Twenty-two percent of Americans believe their holiday spending will leave them in debt, according to a survey by LendEDU in spite of nearly 90 percent believing that holidays should be more about family than about giving and receiving gifts.


“There are great ways to demonstrate that we care for others that don’t involve purchasing goods, such as giving the gift of service,” said Kelly Bell, Lane County’s Master Recycler Program coordinator. “Some of the most meaningful gifts that we can receive are time spent with family and friends and the memories we create.”


Gifts of Service and Experience:

  • Volunteer. Get together with loved ones and volunteer with an organization that is meaningful to your group – even better, make it a regular date and support your chosen cause year-round.
  • Go back to school. Gifting tickets to classes, events or lessons creates wonderful memories without creating waste.
  • Acts of service. Help an elderly family member with minor home repairs, teach someone to sew, offer to rake leaves or walk the dog – these are often more valuable than any gift you could purchase.


“Gifts of service are a wonderful way to get creative and show our family and friends how much we appreciate them – without the pesky packaging!” said Bell. 


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