Temporary parking relief coming to downtown Eugene

Temporary parking relief coming to downtown Eugene
Posted on 03/12/2019

The Lane County Board of County Commissioners has approved a contract to bring temporary parking relief to downtown Eugene for both visitors and businesses. The temporary parking will be located on the County’s newly acquired vacant lot east of the Public Service Building in downtown Eugene.


The contract is for a temporary parking surface called Rollpark, which will be installed by local contractors and Rollpark technicians in 8–10 weeks. There will be 285 spaces, including seven Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant spaces. Spaces will be a mixture of permitted spaces for downtown employees, as well as hourly spaces for visitors.


“As construction and investment in downtown Eugene continues to increase, there has been a corresponding decrease in downtown parking,” said Lane County Administrator Steve Mokrohisky. “Our community’s reinvestment in downtown is exciting and we recognize the need it creates for both temporary and long-term solutions to parking. We know there are downtown Eugene businesses that have already left – or are considering leaving – downtown due to a lack of available parking. While the Rollpark is temporary, it will help relieve immediate pressure and give us time to develop innovative long-term solutions.”


The Rollpark is designed to last for 3–5 years and can be rolled up and re-deployed to other locations during its lifespan – making it a good choice for this location since construction may begin on the lot within the next two years.


“There are several reasons we have chosen to use Rollpark, including the fact that it is less costly than traditional paved surfaces, provides surface water filtration to help protect our groundwater, and can be reused,” said County Operations Director Greg Rikhoff. “It’s an innovative temporary solution to limited parking in downtown Eugene and allows us to make better use of a vacant property. This is the first time that this product will be used west of the Mississippi River.”


Lane County expects that the cost of installation will be recovered through permitted and hourly parking fees over the next two years.


More information about Rollpark, including installation videos, can be found at http://rollpark.us/.