Snowstorm damage tops $17 million for public infrastructure in Lane County

Snowstorm damage tops $17 million for public infrastructure in Lane County
Posted on 04/25/2019

Lane County agencies reported $17,339,039 in public infrastructure damages due to the snowstorm that occurred in late February. This number does not include damages to Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) infrastructure (i.e. Highway 58).


The majority of the damage was incurred by utility companies, which reported more than $14 million of the total damages. Debris removal made up another $2.3 million in reported damages, followed by nearly $500,000 for emergency protective measures.


“We weren’t surprised to see that Lane County reported the most widespread damage to infrastructure due to the snowstorm,” said Lane County Emergency Manager Patence Winningham. “Our utilities and roads were particularly affected and required an incredible amount of repair and recovery work.”


The request for financial reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been forwarded to the federal government by the State of Oregon. Reimbursement will only occur if approved by President Trump. If approved, financial reimbursement would only cover 75 percent of the total damage cost, the remaining 25 percent would be the responsibility of each affected agency.

The reported damage to primary residences and businesses did not meet the minimum threshold for financial assistance to individuals.


Statewide the total reported damage to public infrastructure was $30,028,943. Douglas County, also hard hit by the storm, reported $11.1 million in damages.