New online directory connects people with local businesses that fix, mend and repair items

New online directory connects people with local businesses that fix, mend and repair items
Posted on 05/28/2020

Lane County Waste Management Division is launching a new website aimed at promoting businesses that fix, mend and repair items for reuse. FiX iT Lane County hopes to increase the number of households in Lane County who choose to fix, mend and repair items such as apparel, appliances, computers, and household furniture instead of buying new. Businesses interested in adding their contact information for promotion should visit


With the continued prevalence of a throw-away culture, ambitious programs are needed to drive the economy of fix, mend and repair instead of end-of-life disposal,” said Lane County Waste Management Division Manager Jeff Orlandini. “FiX iT Lane County is our first step in providing a platform residents can use to find local businesses dedicated to extending the life of products that consumers buy every day – effectively saving people money and lowering our county’s carbon footprint.”


Repair and reuse industries contribute significantly to employment and economic prosperity in Lane County and help to rebuild the skills and practices we need to be more resourceful. Many everyday products can have a longer useful life with proper maintenance and repair. Capturing this value through expanded opportunities for repair and reuse reduces a broad variety of environmental impacts, as well as offers greater affordability for many who can benefit from low-cost alternatives to new purchases.


The FiX iT website will list repair services located throughout Lane County. Businesses will be listed based on the category they represent (e.g., bicycles, cars, clocks, clothing, computers, and furniture). Upcoming Fix-It Fairs sponsored by the City of Eugene will be promoted on the website. The website will also promote and tell the story of repair and the people behind this transformative movement.


“We’re hoping to build a robust directory of businesses throughout the County before we ‘go live’ in July,” said Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist Angie Marzano. “If businesses are interested in being promoted or listed on the directory, they should visit


FiX iT Lane County is a collaboration among Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, City of Eugene and Toolbox Project. This website is part of a larger waste prevention strategy to promote the reuse and repair movement. Extending the lifespan of products and materials already in circulation through reuse, repair, refurbishment or remanufacturing (together referred to as “reuse and repair”) makes better use of what we have and we can avoid the environmental impacts of producing new materials and products.

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