Community Notification: Level 3 sex offender in Eugene

Community Notification: Level 3 sex offender in Eugene
Posted on 07/05/2019

Lane County Parole & Probation is providing notification of a Level 3 sex offender who has been released in the Eugene area. The purpose of the notification is to make residents and families aware of a potential risk.


Christopher Ray Hare (also known as Christopher Lipski) was released after serving 24 years in prison for charges including Rape II, Sexual Abuse I, Kidnapping I and Burglary I. His victims include minor females that range in age from toddler to teen. 


Hare is 46 years old, 6’ 2” and 200 pounds with brown/hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. Hare currently resides near Highway 99 south of Beltline in Eugene.


Hare is under the active supervision of Lane County Parole & Probation. Conditions of his supervision include: no contact with anyone less than 18 years of age; he is not to be where minors congregate (bike paths, parks, schools, library, etc.); curfew at 6:00 p.m. every day; no smartphone access; GPS monitoring at all times.


If community members identify Hare engaging in concerning behavior, they should contact Parole & Probation Sex Offender Supervisor Greetje (pronounced Kraysha) Brunsmann at 541-682-6540.


Hare was identified as a Level 3 sex offender upon his release from prison on June 21. He was then sanctioned by Parole & Probation on July 2 for violating the terms of his parole and lodged in the Lane County Jail. He was released from Lane County Jail today after completing the Parole & Probation sanction.