WasteWise Lane County: Simplify the Holidays Campaign Kicks Off

WasteWise Lane County: Simplify the Holidays Campaign Kicks Off
Posted on 11/15/2022

In honor of America Recycles Day, the Lane County Waste Management Division is launching a six-week “Simplify the Holidays” social media campaign today.


The campaign—produced by the Center for Biological Diversity and adopted by the county—will encourage residents and businesses to reimagine how they view and participate in the holiday season to inspire joy while curbing waste. The campaign includes earth-friendly gift ideas and activities and will run through December 31.


“For many, the holidays are a time of tradition and connection,” said Daniel Hiestand, Lane County waste reduction outreach coordinator. “Unfortunately, it’s also a time of excessive waste.”


For example:

  • American households generate 23 percent more tons of waste in December than in other months. 
  • This 23 percent increase is the equivalent of 28,713 Boeing 747 airplanes. 
  • Individuals generate 36 more pounds of trash in December than in other months.


“We want people to redefine how they celebrate the holidays and focus on the things that make them truly happy, which are rarely material goods,” said Hiestand. “Maybe it’s spending time with friends and family or giving meaningful gifts that respect our natural resources. If there was ever a time to change our habits—in the face of a rapidly changing climate and dwindling natural resources—it’s now. We hope more people seize this opportunity to act sustainably. Plus, it’s great for the planet and your wallet.”


Follow the campaign on WasteWise Lane County’s Facebook page (facebook.com/WasteWiseLaneCounty).


About WasteWise Lane County

WasteWise Lane County offers education, tools, and resources that residents, schools, and businesses can use to reduce waste, conserve resources and live more sustainably. Learn more at facebook.com/WasteWiseLaneCounty.


About Simplify the Holidays

Simplify the Holidays is an award-winning program of the Center for Biological Diversity. Aligned with our mission of saving life on Earth and our belief in the interconnectedness of human life with nature, Simplify the Holidays seeks to empower individuals and families to be more conscious of the impacts of holiday traditions and, in doing so, reconnect with meaningful and lasting celebrations. Learn more at simplifytheholidays.org