April Flood Event Information

April Flood Event Information
Posted on 04/12/2019

The following is an information update from the Lane County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provided by the Lane County Public Information Officer (PIO).  Lane County will update this report regularly and will repost to the County Website, share on social media and provide local media, public safety and government partners.

Lane County Emergency Management is closely monitoring river levels. Residents who live near rivers should closely monitor the water levels near their property and homes, as well as their access to leave via primary routes in the event of an evacuation.

Everyone living near a river is encouraged to monitor local radio and television stations. 

If you feel unsafe due to rising water near your home, you should take whatever action is necessary to ensure your safety. Remember, turn around, don't drown. It is unsafe to drive or walk through flood waters.



    1. For those in flood prone areas, please take the time between storm systems to clear out culverts and other drainage systems on and around your property. Move livestock, equipment and vehicles to higher ground.

         Turn Around, Don’t Drown

    1. Over half of flood-related drownings are caused by vehicles driven into hazardous waters. Only 6 inches of moving water can knock over an adult and only 12 inches can carry away a small vehicle.

    Avoid walking and/or driving through flood waters.

    1. Just 6 inches of swift flowing water can sweep a person off their feet. Floodwaters may be contaminated with oil, gas, or raw sewage. Waters may also be hiding hazards and debris.

    Evacuate if told to do so.

    If you become trapped in your vehicle:

      1. If floodwater is blocking your route but you can turn around safely, turn around and go to a building on high ground. If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, stay in the vehicle. If water is rising inside the vehicle, seek refuge on the roof.


    Download a PDF of this information.

    Evacuation Notices

    All evacuation notifications for Lane County residents have been canceled.


    As residents return to their homes, they should continue to monitor their homes and properties in order to make the safest decision for themselves and their families. Water levels are expected to remain high in many areas of Lane County. Residents along rivers including, but not limited to, the Row River, Coast Fork, Middle Fork, Willamette, Mohawk and McKenzie should be especially vigilant.


    Lane County Emergency Management will continue to monitor water levels throughout the weekend.

    Search for floodplain information using Lane County's Easy Property Information Lookup.

    Find FEMA floodplain information by searching your address here.


    There are no shelters open at this time.

    Weather Updates

    The National Weather Service is the best resource to receive up to date information on current or forecasted weather conditions: https://www.weather.gov/.

    Download the FEMA mobile app for weather alerts:

    Road Closures/Limited Access/Detours

    • Closures:
      • LaDuke Road near 76628 LaDuke – large landslide, likely multi-day closure
      • Ayres Road due to high water.

    • Limited Access:

      Landslides reported:

      • Big Fall Creek at MP 7  (Passable)
      • Winberry at MP 2.5 & 3.7 (Passable)


    Road Updates:

    • State highways: www.tripcheck.org or 511
    • County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update report.
    • Special District – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report their closures – Lane County will post information as they receive it.

    Well Water Safety

    If you know a flood is coming, make sure you:

    • Buy or store safe water to use for drinking, cooking, and bathing for several days.
    • Have contact information for a licensed well contractor, local health department, and university extension service on hand.
    • Clear away debris near the wellhead.
    • Plug the vent holes.
    • Turn off power to your well pump and equipment (if possible). The power switch may be by the water pump or tank or at the main electrical panel.
    • Shut off the water (if possible) using shut off valves.

    During the flood:

    • Follow emergency advice for your area.
    • Use a safe source of water, such as bottled water, for drinking, cooking and bathing.

    After the flood:

    • Rope off the area around your well.
    • Visually inspect well for electrical damage. If damage is observed, do not attempt repairs. Call a trained electrician.
    • Inspect well caps, seals, and vents (vents should be unplugged).
    • Inspect the PVC casing, liner, and aboveground piping for damage.
    • Inspect indoor piping, storage and pressure tanks, and overflow pipes.
    • Look for evidence of spilled chemicals or petroleum products in the vicinity of the well.
    • Treatment of well water is advised for all wells suspected of being affected by floodwaters, including if floodwaters have overtopped the well opening or any well vents; subsequent testing should be done following treatment of the well. 
    • Test your well water. You should test your well water for coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, nitrate, ammonia, and any local contaminants of concern to make sure it is safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing. Testing your water will also tell you if you need to disinfect your water system.
      • Get a water sample kit from a certified water testing laboratory, Lane County Analytical Laboratory 541-485-8404, or a well screening test for bacteria.
      • Drink, and cook, with bottled or boiled water or a stored water source until the results from the lab have been confirmed and all necessary repairs are completed.
      • Retest the water in several weeks to confirm the results.

    Download more detailed instruction for flood recovery related to wells.

    Lane County Environmental Health also has information available online.

    Thurston High School in Springfield has a free well water testing program. The next testing date is April 17. For more information about the program and how to pick up a kit, visit http://www.thscoltspace.com/2018/12/11/water-testing-appts-open/.

     For additional questions or with help in getting your well up and running, 
    please contact Phebe Howe with Lane County Environmental Health at 541-682-3057.

    Boil Water Advisories

    • Precautionary boil water advisory active for all wells within the notified evacuation area.
      • Water should be brought to a rolling boil for at least 60 seconds, or use bottled water.

    Residents should continue to boil water after the flood water has receded until they are able to perform a bacterial test to ensure their well water is safe to drink.

    Animal Resources

    Oregon Horse Center has offered space for horses; call 541-689-9700.








    West Eugene Kennels

    87309 Central Rd, Eugene, 97402

    (541) 505-6597



    Hidden Hill Kennels

    21624 Glaze Rd, Veneta 97487

    (541) 935-2014



    Klassic Tails Inn Kennel

    90010 Knight Rd, Elmira 97437

    (541) 935-1180



    Brownings Dog Ranch – Tails Inn

    28794 Hillaire St, Eugene 97402

    (541) 688-8276




    Wilamette Valley Dog And Cat Motel

    28438 Bodenhamer Rd, Eugene 97402

    (541) 688-0978



    Linda’s Kitty Inn

    Eugene, 97402

    (541) 520-0005



    Catmandu Retreat

    215 Hileman Ln, Eugene 97404

    (541) 913-5980



    Kitty Cat Hotel

    3537 Hawthorne Ave, Eugene 97402

    (541) 520-3493



    Oregon Horse Center

    90751 Prairie Rd, Eugene 97402

    (541) 689-9700



    Three Oaks Stable

    95707 Hwy 99E, Harrisburg 97446

    (541) 852-7387



    Whispering Meadows

    29015 W Meadowview Rd, Junction City 97448

    (541) 607-1902



    Lakeview Stables

    27837 Royal Ave, Eugene 97402

    (541) 689-3814



    Triple Crown Farm

    84652 Weatherberry Ln, Pleasant Hill 97455

    (503) 730-4380


    Pet food, etc

    Greenhill Humane Society

    88530 Greenhill Rd,

    Eugene 97402

    (541) 521-1445 Sasha

    Boarding for Bird & Reptile

    Please inquire with Greenhill pickup and delivery of pets.

    Dog food, Cat food, and Cat litter available, as well as pet carrier loans.


    Post-Flood Recovery and Repairs

    A guide published by the American  Red Cross can help residents get started safely with many of the cleaning and repair tasks  necessary after a flood:


    Guide to Repairing Your Flooded Home from FEMA and the American Red Cross (<1MB)


    Cómo reparar su hogar inundado (1.1MB)


    Flood Insurance Claims:

    Affected building owners and renters should contact their insurance agent. Document any damage to buildings and contents with photographs. This will help insurance adjusters if/when a flood insurance claim is filed.


    For information about flood insurance visit www.floodsmart.gov.


    Post-Flood Repairs:

    Obtaining building permits for homes or businesses located within the 100-year flood plain is especially important, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to ensure flood resistance design and construction, and the national flood insurance program requirements are met.


    Verify contractor licenses from the Oregon State Building Codes Division to protect yourself from fraud.


    For information and permits when considering new construction or repairs on property affected by recent flooding, please contact:

    Lane County Planner on Duty-541-682-3577

    For specific floodplain questions, please contact:

    Deanna Wright, Associate Planner




    Jared Bauder, Planner

    (541) 682-6949



    Rachel Serslev, Planner

    541) 682-6903



    For questions specifically about structures:

    Steve McGuire, Building Program Manager

    (541) 682-4466


    How can I get updated information from Lane County?




    Lane County Facebook - @lanecountygovernment



    Media Partners

    We regularly send updated information to our local media partners – digital, print, radio.

    Road Closures:

    • State Highways, www.tripcheck.org or 511
    • County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update report.
    • Special District – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report their closures – Lane County will post information as they receive it.

    Where can I go to get information from local cities and other agencies?




    City of Eugene



    City of Eugene Public Works



    City of Springfield



    City of Cottage Grove



    City of Creswell



    Utility Company



    Lane Electric



    Springfield Utility Board



    Emerald People’s Utility District



    Eugene Water and Electric Board