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Salary Information

The Lane County Board of Commissioners passed Board Order 16-10-11-12 on October 11, 2016. This Order Implemented the current Elected Officials Compensation Board recommendations.  The Order can be viewed here.

The Current Salary Amounts for Elected Officials are as follows:

​Assessor - $101,524.80
Commissioner - $84,457.12
District Attorney - $33,675.00 (County Contribution)
Justice of the Peace - $46,605.63 (@.5FTE)
Sheriff - $128,169.68

 Committee Members

 Cheri Billard, HR Director, Alvord-Taylor
 Joshua Burstein, HR Director, Lane Counsel of Governments 
 Myrnie Daut, HR & Risk Services Manager, City of Eugene
 Lauren Fox, VP of HR, Jerry’s Home Improvement
 Babs Manion, VP of Operations and HR, SELCO Credit Union

NEXT MEETING June 14, 2016 - 5:00 pm

Lane County Public Service Building
125 East 8th Street
Eugene OR 97401
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2016 Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2016

06/14/16 New Agenda Material

 Citizen Materials

 Comments to EOCB; Provided By Reginald L. Jensen
 U of O Budgets; Provided By Reginald L. Jensen
 04/13/16 Mr. Jensen's Materials
 06/14/16 Mr. Jensen's Materials