Ordering a Certified Copy of Your Marriage License

A certified copy of your marriage license record will be required to show your legal name and relationship status after marriage.  A certified copy will not automatically be mailed to you.  In order to obtain one either come in to our office; or mail us a request using the form below.

You may purchase a certified copy of your Lane County marriage license either in person at our office, or by mail.  To purchase a certified copy of a Lane County marriage license by mail, complete and print the fillable pdf form found below  Mail the form to the address below along with a check for $7.75 for the first certified copy, plus $4.00 for each additional certified copy.  Checks should be made payable to:  Lane County Deeds and Records.

Request a Certified Copy of a Marriage License

To order, mail your request and check to

Lane County Marriage Section
125 East 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

The certified copy or copies will be returned to you by mail. 

If the marriage license was issued by another Oregon county, contact that county to order, or order from the State of Oregon's Center for Health Statistics.