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General Services:

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Manager, Michael Johns



General Information

The Fleet and General Services Division is comprised of the Fleet Services and County-Wide Facilities Maintenance Programs which manage the maintenance of County infrastructures and vehicles. 

Fleet Services is responsible for providing a modern, well-equipped vehicle and equipment fleet that is maintained and utilized at the lowest reasonable cost while minimizing environmental impacts.  Fleet and General Services Fund is associated with procurement, maintenance, operation, and replacement of fleet assets and are charged directly to the user department through rental rates.  Fleet Services provide vehicles, equipment, maintenance services and fuel to County departments and several Federal, State and local partner agencies.



In FY15/16, Fleet Services provided maintenance and replacement program services to 390 light duty vehicles that traveled 3,147,999 miles and 202 pieces of heavy equipment that operated over 140,646 hours. These light duty vehicles and heavy equipment were integral to providing such services as road and bridge maintenance, solid waste transportation and disposal, park maintenance, and other services throughout the County.  Fleet Services also provides maintenance services to 597 County pieces of equipment and 58 outside-agency pieces of equipment that do not participate in the Fleet Services Replacement Program.  Fleet Services will acquire, maintain, and dispose of vehicles and equipment that is financially and environmentally sustainable.

Fleet Auction

Each Fall, Fleet & General Services holds a Fleet auction to dispose of surplus vehicles and equipment.  Check the website for the date of the 2017 Fleet Auction.

To see what the auction items sold for in 2016, or to sign up for email notification for the 2017 auction, go to the Surplus Vehicle Auction page link located on this page.


The Custodial and Maintenance programs provide and manage maintenance and emergency structural repairs for all County facilities, including the Public Service Building, Lane County Courthouse, Juvenile Justice Center, Elections, Health Clinics, and the Charnelton Building.