Poverty and Homelessness Board

151 W 7th Ave, Room 560
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The Poverty and Homelessness Board (PHB) is an action oriented group of elected officials, community stakeholders, and individuals who represent low-income and homeless people's concerns.

Meeting Schedule

The third Thursday of each month.

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The Board Membership consists of 15 voting positions- A quorum for the purpose of doing business shall be a majority of the PHB membership which constitutes half plus one.  6 Ex officio members attend meetings and participate in the discussion representing their agencies.

Membership Term

Elected representatives shall serve for a term of one year, which terms shall begin within thirty days after the beginning of the calendar year. 
Community and Citizen Members shall serve for terms of three years, except that of the members first appointed, two (2) shall serve for a term of one year, three (3) shall serve for a term of two years, and three (3) shall serve for a term of three years.

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We are seeking to fill 5-9 vacancies for the Poverty and Homelessness Board HOMELESS YOUTH WORKGROUP to aid in the work of the Poverty and Homelessness Board’s Strategic Plan and accompanying projects.

Objective: Develop strategies that will promote the PHB 2016-2021 strategic plan goals and priorities as they relate to Youth, effectively working to reduce homelessness among young people in Lane County.

 Youth Committee will :

  • Establish a youth-specific work plan and take steps to implement that plan.

  • Identify service gaps related to youth housing and related services.

  • Identify opportunities for advocacy through outreach, engagement, and/or community forums.

  • Complete annual report to the Poverty and Homelessness Board on the state of youth homelessness and recommendations on strategic plan.

HY Workgroup shall consist of PHB members, as well as a minimum of 5-9 additional representatives. Representatives may include, but are not limited to: youth-specific housing or service providers; youth who are currently or who have formerly experienced homelessness or housing instability; foster care; School Districts or McKinney Vento Liaisons; businesses; faith based providers; victim services; community members.  It is expected that all members will have direct, relevant experience related to young people who experience poverty and/or youth homelessness.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact Amanda Borta at Amanda.Borta@co.lane.or.us or (541) 682-6526.

Hardcopy applications can be submitted to the Human Services Division located on the 5th floor of the Lane County Health & Human Services Division located on the 5th floor of the Lane County Health and Human Services Building, 151 W. 7th Avenue, Room 560, Eugene, or submitted by email to diana.alldredge@co.lane.or.us or submitted by fax to (541) 682-9839.

The deadline to apply is Monday, November 27th at 5:00pm.


Online applications are available on the Lane County website:  Lane County Advisory Committee Applications To request an application by mail, please call 541-682-4203.


PHB Governance Charter

PHB Strategic Plan 2016-2021