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Becky Taylor

Senior Transportation Planner
(Long-Range Planning)

(541) 682-6932
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Laurie Parker

Engineering Technician
(Right-of-Way Permits)

(541) 682-6902
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Chanelle Moody

Office Assistant
(Manufactured Structures)

(541) 682-6961
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Brad Lemhouse, PE

Brad Lemhouse
Sr. Engineering Associate
(Facility & Heavy Haul Permits Supervisor)

(541) 682-6928
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Sharon Joiner

Sharon Joiner
Engineering Technician
(Utility Permits)

(541) 682-6955
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Monica Witzig

Engineering Associate
(Development Review Referrals)

(541) 682-6996
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To provide for the safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation throughout Lane County.

Lane County's transportation system is essential to supporting our economy, providing connectivity, and meeting daily mobility needs. There is a high demand on Lane County roads to accommodate both heavy trucks for the movement of freight and bicycles for regional tourism and local recreation. Lane County roads connect urban and rural communities for access to jobs, health care, education, social services, recreation, and food supply. The needs of Lane County's transportation system are increasingly multi-modal to provide more transportation options, such as bicycling, walking, and riding transit.  

Transportation planning is the process of defining goals, policies, and projects to prepare for future needs to move people and goods. It is a collaborative process that involves input from the community, businesses, residents, and various government agencies and service providers. It includes an evaluation, assessment, design, and siting of transportation facilities, such as roads, sidewalks, bike paths, and roadway crossings. Lane County's Transportation Planning Team also includes engineers and technicians to address development impacts  on the transportation system and to permit activities within right-of-way.