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Waste Wise News Roundup: September 

Waste Wise Lane County has new look

We are excited to announce that Waste Wise Lane County recently got a makeover. This new makeover is more than just a new logo (which we love!). WasteWise Lane County Logo

It symbolizes our dedication to telling a more comprehensive sustainability story that acknowledges that our choices as individuals and organizations impact us all. It also reflects our deep connection with each other and other living things.

What we buy, how we travel, how we conduct business, what we wear, how and what we eat…all these decisions make impacts on people and the planet we care about. We want our logo—which local marketing agency bell+funk hit out of the park—and our messaging to reflect all these things.

We hope you like it.

Sustainable Event Services Program Launches at Block Party

Waste Wise Lane County and the city of Eugene recently introduced the Sustainable Event Services (SES) program. This innovative initiative provides sanitized, durable dishware and water bottle refilling station services to event producers, offering a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to single-use paper plates, plastic utensils, and disposable items.

The program utilizes sanitized dishware, cups, utensils, and water refill stations provided by Action Rent-All & Events—a local, woman-owned event services company. After an event concludes, Action Rent-All efficiently collects and manages the used items, all at a fraction of the cost compared to disposable alternatives. Event producers are charged a modest handling fee based on the quantity and type of dishware they reserve.

The program officially launched on Sept. 9 at the Springfield Block Party. Participating food vendors enthusiastically embraced the program’s durable dishware to serve attendees various foods, shave ice, and other desserts. Springfield establishments, including Plank Town Brewery and The Pedaler Restaurant, employed 1,400 polycarbonate pint glasses to serve beer to an enthusiastic crowd. 

In addition to displacing nearly 1,500 disposable cups at the event, almost 800 durable bowls, plates, and utensils were used, eliminating these items from the trash collection. Attendees were encouraged to return used dishware to conveniently located dishware return stations, efficiently managed by Block Party volunteers and the SES program contractor.

“The support staff and SES program durables helped facilitate a much more sustainable event by reducing waste,” said Springfield Block Party organizer Ben Wilkinson. “This is something I’ve been passionate about since I was 10 years old.” Learn more at lanecountyor.gov/wastewise-events

Deconstruction project for Cottage Grove farmhouse

A county-owned historic home recently underwent sustainable deconstruction work. 

A crew from Conscious Construction carefully deconstructed the dilapidated home, salvaging as many materials as possible for reuse and even preserving artifacts such as personal letters and old bottles found in the wall (see picture).Cottage Grove Deconstruction

Earlier this spring, Conscious Construction was one of a handful of construction contractors who attended a 16-hour deconstruction training led by the Building Deconstruction Institute. This training was an effort to inspire and educate local contractors about sustainable practices in an industry that is anything but.

In fact, 600 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) debris were generated in the United States in 2018, more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste. Just over 455 million tons of C&D debris were directed to next use, and approximately 145 million tons were sent to landfills.

Stormdrain cleaning program deadline approaches for businesses

Lane County’s Stormwater Management Program has partnered with Stormwater Protection Systems (SPS) to provide discounted stormdrain cleaning. This voluntary program allows county businesses to clean their private stormdrains for a reduced flat fee of $65 per drain. 

Stormwater often drains directly into rivers and streams without treatment, resulting in pollutants from parking lots and roadways, contributing to water quality issues. Stormdrain cleaning and maintenance are vital in ensuring clean waterways by removing contaminants like oil, pesticides, and fertilizers. 

Businesses are responsible for cleaning and maintaining privately owned stormdrains in their parking lots. Removing debris and sediment from stormdrains reduces flooding by increasing stormwater system capacity during heavy rainfall. The program aims to make this service more affordable and encourage bi-annual cleanings—improving critical streams and rivers. 

Businesses are eligible to sign-up each fall and spring in anticipation of heavy rainfall and more water entering the stormdrain systems. To register a company for the fall program, visit www.lanecountyor.gov/SCAP and sign up by Oct. 31.

The $65 per drain fee covers debris removal from standard parking lot drains, power washing in and around the drain, and disposal of all contaminated sediment. The program does not cover additional fees for jetting, repair, or oversized stormdrains.  

First Florence Fix-It Fair was fabulous fun

The first Florence Fix-It Fair on Sept. 23, organized by Waste Wise Lane County and Toolbox Project, was a lively event full of great energy, cooperative weather, and excellent hospitality. The fair’s host, the Florence Habitat for Humanity, provided chairs, tables, and a welcoming atmosphere with live music.Florence Fix-It Fair

Nearly 30 items were repaired during the day. Repair volunteers fixed things that included bicycles, small appliances, clothing, and small power tools. There will also be fixers to sharpen garden tools and help attendees learn how to upcycle crafts using old T-shirts.

Waste Wise Lane County wants to thank all our event and repair volunteers, Habitat for Humanity, the Lane Council of Governments, NextStep Recycling, the city of Florence, the Environmental Management Advisory Committee (EMAC), and the Master Recyclers of Florence for their support.

This year, Lane County funded the Toolbox Project to introduce the fairs to three cities outside of Eugene for the first time: Springfield (hosted May 12), Cottage Grove (July 22), and Florence. More are being planned for 2024. Keep up-to-date at https://www.fixitlanecounty.org/calendar

Visit us at the Home Show

Are you attending the Lane County Home Improvement Show on Oct. 6-8? Toolbox Project will join Waste Wise Lane County at our booth as we share repair resources. 

 We are also sponsoring a presentation by Eugene Power Tool Repair, who will share great information about caring for your garden tools. Hope to see you there!

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