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Applications for utility assistance cannot be processed unless all required documents are submitted. If applications are submitted without the following documents, your application may be delayed or denied.

You will need to provide the following information for everyone who lives in your home:

  1. First and Last names
  2. Birthdates
  3. Social Security Numbers for everyone who has one
  4. Basic demographic information (optional)

You will need to submit proof of your utility account or heating vendor:

  1. Most recent utility bill statement or purchase receipts for bulk fuel
  2. Receipts showing proof of bulk fuel purchase for firewood, propane or pellets.
  3. Rental agreement or lease if you pay to your property management.
Please don't wait to apply if you don't have a recent utility bill. Staff can verify your account with your utility company. 

You will need to submit proof of all income for everyone 18 and older: 

If your intake or submitted application is in this month: Your income pay dates or received dates will be within these dates:
October September 1 - September 30 
November October 1 - October 31
December November 1 - November 30
January  December 1 - December 31
Type of income Documentation needed              Where can I get proof? 
Social Security (retirement, disability, survivors) 2024 Benefit Letter or call 800-772-1213
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 2024 Benefit Letter or bank statement or call 800-772-1213
TANF cash grant Screenshot from EBT app or ONE system or
Wages from job Paystub showing employee name, employer name, pay dates and gross amount Employer provided
Veterans Benefits 2024 Benefit Verification Letter or bank statement or call 800-827-1000
Retirement Income  2024 statement  Company provided
Court Ordered Child Support or Alimony Court document showing monthly amount Court provided
Self Employment Self Employment Worksheet Self Employment Worksheet
No income Declaration of Zero Income Declaration of Zero Income
Undocumented Income such as canning, non court ordered child support Declaration of Household Income Declaration of Household Income - Undocumented Income
Additional income documentation types

You will need to provide proof of ID for everyone 18 and older: 

Proof of ID includes but is not limited to:  
Government Issued ID or drivers license    Passport
Utility bill with name printed Income document with name printed
Student ID Legal document with name printed

You will need to provide proof of SSN for everyone in your household who has one: 

Program SSN required
LIHEAP, DR-LIHEAP and/or E-LIHEAP Yes, required to have at least one person with an SSN
OEAP for Pacific Power No, SSN's are not required
OLGA for Northwest Natural No, SSN's are not required
Project Share for Springfield Utility Board (SUB) No, SSN's are not required
EWEB Customer Care for Eugene Water Electric Board (EWEB) No, SSN's are not required

Lane County Utility Assistance staff are available to answer any questions you may have. You can call our office at 541-682-3378 or send us an email at this link.


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