Lane County System of Care (SOC) and Wraparound

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The System of Care (SOC) is how a community comes together to support the children and families in the community.
Lane County System of Care Values and Principles

The Wraparound process is based on a partnership between the family and a child. A family team is selected by the family through the process. Both SOC and Wraparound are team approaches built on partnerships.

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Submitting a barrier for the SOC to review/work on:
Do you know a young person who has experienced a problem or barrier while working with child-serving systems, like child welfare, juvenile justice, intellectual/developmental disabilities, education, early learning, substance use treatment, physical, mental or dental health, or other community services? 
If so, then you have come to the right place. The barrier submission form allows you to identify and describe a problem or barrier. A barrier is a problem or block to receiving needed services and support.

Barrier Submission Form(Word fillable document) once completed submit to the SOC Coordinator Hayley Van Horn [email protected].
- We are currently working on an online submission form, that will be launching soon.