Spray Reports

Lane County’s priority is to administer an Integrated Vegetation Management Program that is open and transparent to the public, ensuring that residents have accessible and accurate information regarding our program and an understanding of the decision making processes that guide our use of herbicide applications. These applications will be limited in use, guided by human and environmental health considerations, and utilize adaptive management that allows flexibility in facing maintenance concerns and challenges as they may arise.

Permitted Product List
Lane County Road Maintenance Division has three herbicide products that have been approved for use and make up our Permitted Product List. These products have been reviewed and annually renewed by the Public Health Advisory Committee, as well as approved annually by the Board of Health. 

Vastlan - - active ingredient triclopyr
Milestone - - active ingredient aminopyralid
Ecomazapyr 2SL - - active ingredient imazapyr

Public notifications
As part of the transparency process, Lane County will publicly post any herbicide application locations on both our roadways and this webpage. Applicable roadways will be posted with signage at least seven days prior to herbicide application and signage will remain a minimum of three days post application. Online public notifications will be posted below under the same guidelines; pre-application notices will be listed at least seven days in advance and all post-application information will remain accessible.

Current Notices
Seven day advanced notice for herbicide applications. Herbicide treatments may occur anytime outside the seven day notice period. *Please see monthly spray reports below for all previously completed herbicide applications

Invasive species control:

Japanese Knotweed - -

  • Clear Lake Rd between Hwy 99 and Green Hill Rd
    • spot treatments b/n MP 0.5 – 1.75
    • posted 8.30.2023
    • completed 9.6.2023
Early Detection/Rapid Response (EDRR) invasive weed control for Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Blackberry within the Holiday Farm Fire burn scar in cooperation with Pure Water Partners (PWP) group
  • County right-of-way adjacent to private properties participating in the PWP program on
    • Blue River Dr
    • McKenzie River Dr
    • Goodpasture Rd
    • N Gate Creek Rd
  • posted 9.1.2023

Guardrail herbicide treatments: 

none currently scheduled

Please visit our 2023 Road Treatment Map for locations and detailed information.

Questions about our vegetation management program? Please call our Natural Resource Specialist at (541) 682-8521

2022 Spray Data

Due to the continued impacts on staff hiring and retention, no herbicide applications were made within Lane County road rights-of-way during 2022.

2022 Lane County IVM Annual Report
2022 Annual Spray Report
2022 Summary Dashboard

2021 Spray Data

Due to the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on staff retention, no herbicide applications were made within Lane County road rights-of-way during 2021.

2021 Lane County IVM Annual Report
2021 Annual Spray Report
2021 Summary Dashboard

2020 Spray Data

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2020 Annual Spray Report

2019 Spray Data

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