November 6, 2018 General Election

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Important Dates
07/19/2018 First day to file for PUD candidates  
08/17/2018 Last day for county or districts to file a ballot title  
08/28/2018 12pm-noon Argument Filing Deadline  
08/28/2018 Last day to file for PUD candidates  
09/06/2018  5pm measure filing deadline  
09/21/2018 Out-of-country and military ballots mailed  
10/08/2018 Out-of-state ballots mailed  
10/16/2018 Voter registration deadline  
10/18/2018 Ballots mailed; official drop sites open  
11/06/2018 Election Day  
11/26/2018 Last day for county clerk to certify election

Voting Your Ballot

County Candidate Filings (as moved forward from the Primary Election)

4 Year Term                                                  Michael Cowles   

West Commissioner - Position 1
4 Year Term                                                  Jay Bozievich         

Springfield Commissioner - Position 2
4 Year Term Joe Berney            

East Commissioner - Position 5
4 Year Term                                                  Heather Buch        
4 Year Term Gary Williams 

Utility District Candidate Filings

Emerald People's Utility District
Director, Subdivision 2,  4 Year Term               Bent O Mikkelsen  
Director, Subdivision 2,  4 Year Term   Patti Chappel
Director, Subdivision 3,  4 Year Term  Kevin D Parrish
Director, Subdivision 3,  4 Year Term  John Large

Heceta Water People's Utility District
Director, Subdivision 1,  4 Year Term   Debby Todd
Director, Subdivision 2,  4 Year Term               Alan Whiteside     
Director, Subdivision 5,  4 Year Term Crystal Farnsworth

Measure Filings

Measure #       District        Ballot Title Caption YES Votes NO Votes  County Outcome
20-290 Lane County Amends Charter, adopts Score Then Automatic Runoff voting for elections.      
20-291 Siuslaw School District #97J Bonds to Construct and Upgrade School Facilities, Improve Safety      
20-292 River Road Park & Recreation District Five-year renewal of local option tax to maintain general operations.      
20-293 City of Dunes City
Prohibits certain marijuana registrants and/or licenses in Dunes City.         
20-294 City of Dunes City Measure to amend the City Charter of Dunes City      
20-295 City of Dunes City Five-year local option tax for city operations      
20-296 City of Springfield Authorizes general obligation bond to fix Springfield streets.      
20-297 Eugene School District #4J Bonds to Construct, Improve School Facilities, Address Safety, Overcrowding