Homeless Shelters in Lane County

Within Lane County there are a number of emergency shelter and alternative shelter programs available to provide shelter to individuals and families in need to a place to stay. The timelines for availability in shelter and alternative shelter programs varies considerably, so individuals should always contact a program directly to find out about availability, program requirements, and the entry process.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, there are currently additional shelter programs running. Any programs below marked with * indicate that they are new, or have expanded capacity as part of additional non-congregate shelter efforts. 

A printable version is available here, and will be updated as this site is updated (last updated 5/17/2021).

Adult only Households

Dusk to Dawn program, run by St Vincent de Paul, is a low barrier shelter for adults in multi-person heated, military-style tents. Entry is coordinated through the Eugene Service Station at 450 Highway 99 N, Eugene.  Available beds can be reserved beginning at 2 pm daily at the Eugene Service Station.  Call 541-461-8688 Option 4 to learn about available beds.  This program does not accept pets.

Overnight and Safe Parking Programs, operated by St Vincent de Paul, provide safe, legal places to park a vehicle or camper overnight. Spots are accessed by waitlist through the Eugene Service Station at 450 Highway 99 N, Eugene, or by calling 541-461-8688.

Safe Spots, (aka Rest Stops), and microsites provide shelter in Conestoga huts. Contact Community Supported Shelters at 541-683-0836 for more information.

SquareOne Villages operates one microsite consisting of six Conestoga huts.  Call 541-650-6937 or apply at Opportunity Village, 111 N Garfield, Eugene. 

Nightingale Hosted Shelters supports a rest stop with Conestoga huts. Application can be found online, or in person at the Rest Stop at 34th and Hilyard Alley. Call 541-870-5388 to make sure camp manager is available before going in person. 

Motel Vouchers are available through Siuslaw Outreach Services, for individuals in the greater Florence area. There are additional criteria and requirements for accessing these vouchers, contact program for more information. Call 541-997-2816 or visit in person at 1576 West 12th St, Florence Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm. During evenings or weekends call 541-997-4444.

The Eugene Mission Rescue Shelter provides a low-barrier Rescue Shelter that guests can stay in for a maximum of 14 consecutive days.  The shelter can be accessed at the Eugene Mission west campus gate on 2nd and Chambers starting at 9 am, or by lottery if beds are limited.  Service animals are allowed, and guests are required to stay on campus for the entire 14 days, except for store runs or employment

410 Garfield Safe Sleep
Operated by St. Vincent de Paul, the 410 Garfield Safe Sleep Site consists of 86 total indoor camp spaces, each provided with a canopy style tent, sleeping pad and bag, and individual storage containers.  Any service provider or individual can complete the online form to be added to the wait list.

EveryOne Village provides shelter in a mix of vehicle spaces, Pallet Shelters, Conestoga huts, durable tents, and other micro shelters.  The site is currently at capacity and has an extensive waiting list.  More information can be found at their website.

Households with Children under 18

An online referral form is now available for the Mainstream Housing Family Pallet program and for access to the First Place Family Center Night Shelter Annex.

First Place Family Center
, Night Shelter Annex provides shelter for households with children 0-18. Call First Place Family Center at 541-342-7728 or visit 1995 Amazon Parkway, Eugene to access the shelter program.

Oasis has Conestoga huts and Tiny Houses available onsite for safe shelter for households with children in Springfield. Intakes for the OASIS program can be scheduled by calling 541-345-3628 ext.390. 

Center for Women and Children at the Eugene Mission is open to new families (mothers with children under 18) with COVID safety precautions in place. For more information and to determine availability call 541-344-3251.


Station #7 (Looking Glass) provides emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth ages 11-21, call  888-689-3111 or go in person to 931 W. 7th Avenue, Eugene.

Emergency Cold Weather Shelter

Eugene/Springfield Adults and Unaccompanied Youth - When temperatures are predicted to be below 30 degrees, Egan Warming Center opens to provide safe shelter from cold weather. There is not a central meeting location this year, so be sure to check warming center locations for each activation. You can sign up to receive notifications about Egan activation online. 

Eugene/Springfield Families - Catholic Community Services provides motel vouchers for families on nights that Egan Warming Center activates. In order to be receive a voucher, families must be pre-registered with the program. Call 541-232-9653 Monday through Friday, 8am-2pm to get signed up, or visit Catholic Community Services in Eugene (1464 W 6th Ave) or Springfield (1025 G Street), or First Place Family Center (1995 Amazon Pkwy Eugene).

Rural Lane County - Rural communities including Cottage Grove, Veneta, and Florence are utilizing pallet shelters this winter to provide added capacity or fully replace warming center operations.
Households with children under 17 in the Florence area can contact Siuslaw Outreach Services to inquire about motel vouchers on cold nights. Call 541-997-2816 or visit in person at 1576 West 12th St, Florence Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm. During evenings or weekends call 541-997-4444.

Fleeing Domestic Violence

 Hope and Safety Alliance can help with safety planning and access to safehousing and shelter. Call their 24-hour crisis and support line at 541-485-6413 or 800-281-2800, or you can chat online, Spanish speakers available.

Shelter is available for individuals fleeing domestic violence in the Florence area through Siuslaw Outreach Services. Call 541-997-2816 or visit in person at 1576 West 12th St, Florence Monday through Friday, 10am-4pm. During evenings or weekends call 541-997-4444.