Ready-Build Plans

Pre-approved Plans for Residential Accessory Structures & a Single Family Dwelling

As part of Oregon’s Ready-Build Plans Program, you can download pre-approved plans for a residential accessory structures such as garages, carports, decks, patios and a single family dwelling. The goal of this program is to reduce the time it takes to issues these permits and the time it takes to have plans prepared by offering these pre done plans for your convenience. 

Fee reduction (plan review only):

Because Ready-Build plans are pre-approved for structural design, a portion of the building structural plan review is waived. Building structural plan review is reduced to site-specific conditions and charged at the current hourly rate of “Additional Plan Review Time” as shown in Chapter 60 of the Lane Manual, Section 60.853 plus state mandated surcharges. Please note that Planning, Land Use, and Structural Permit fees (inspections) all still apply.

Use of the Ready-build Plans Program as follows:

Before downloading pre-approved plans, talk to a planner (541-682-3577) to learn about the setbacks and other potential limitations that may apply to your property.  

Complete and submit a residential building permit application, site plan, and provide two copies of the ready build plans, and two copies of truss engineering stamped by an Oregon licensed engineer along with a layout sheet. Once a permit is created you will need to pay the intake fees. Your application will go through the normal review process to make sure that the structure complies with all Lane County land use, sanitation, and building code regulations for the proposed work.

Once your application is approved you will be notified and will need to pay the remaining permit balance. The permit will than be issued and you can now begin to build the structure.

During the build you will need to call for all the listed inspections as indicated on your approved plans in order to obtain a final building approval. 

Download Ready-Build Plans

Modifications to Ready-Build Plans
Single Family Dwelling
Garage 24x24x10
Garage 24x36x10
Garage (one car) with storage room 24x36x10
Garage (two car) with storage room 24x36x10
Patio Cover