CBB Program and Prequalification Application

The 2018-2021 Lane County Strategic Plan identifies the key initiative of a Community Benefits framework for Capital Projects with a goal to utilize a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for large capital building construction projects of $500,000 and over. 

Lane County staff researched applicable procurement policies and statutes, resulting in a recommendation to adopt a prequalification process for such projects. Use of a prequalification process allows Lane County to apply its Strategic Plan policy and still maintain a competitive procurement process for capital building projects.

The prequalification process adopted by the County is called a Community Benefits Bidding (CBB) program. Under the CBB program, larger County building construction/renovation projects with a potential for impact on the community are identified, and prospective bidders for these projects are required to prequalify in order to submit bids. The prequalification criteria requires that prospective bidders possess the ability and capacity to: 1) meet work-specific performance requirements, and 2) meet specific local impact requirements such as paying a board-determined living wage and providing employer paid full-family health insurance coverage.

The County Board discussed the CBB Program concept at the September 29, 2020 Board of County Commissioners’ meeting, and provided staff direction to proceed with preparing a plan for adoption in October 2020, which was approved by the Board.

Prequalification Application_102023.pdf

CBB Affidavit_102023.pdf

Prequalification List as of 4-23-2024.pdf