Equity Lens

Lane County Equity Lens

Each situation requires unique considerations, and we are in constant evolution in our capacity to be responsive to the equity and inclusion needs of our community. For these reasons, an equity lens cannot be a static document, or a one size fits all tool. As a starting place this ‘toolkit’ includes the following tools:
  1. Lane County Equity Lens: Brief Version
  2. Lane County Equity Lens: Expanded Version
  3. Lane County Equity Lens: Situation Specific Version

What is an Equity Lens?

A racial equity lens is a set of questions we ask ourselves when we plan, develop or evaluate a policy, program or decision. Using an equity lens will help us identify potential impacts on institutionally under-served and marginalized individuals and groups, and to identify and potentially eliminate barriers.

The purpose of an equity lens is to be deliberately inclusive as we make decisions and to support us as we strive towards more equitable outcomes. The tool is explicit in drawing attention to the inclusion of institutionally under-served and marginalized populations, with an emphasis on communities of color, and can be adapted to focus on other communities.

An equity lens will not tell us what action to take. Rather, the lens helps us discuss and reflect on equity considerations as we act and make decisions.

To access the Equity Lens Tool, use this link:  https://www.cognitoforms.com/LaneCountyTechnologyServices/LaneCountyEquityLensApp

To provide feedback on Lane County's Equity Lens, use this link: https://www.cognitoforms.com/LaneCountyTechnologyServices/EquityLensFeedback