Data Parties

The Community Partnerships Program is committed to making public health data more accessible and relevant to our partners and the community as a whole. One way we are doing this is through data parties

What is a data party?

A data party is a participatory process of sharing data and collectively interpreting the data and giving our community an opportunity to prioritize, interpret, and contextualize the data that is collected from and about them. We look at the data together and ask, "what's interesting? what's unexpected? what story is this data telling? what are we still uncertain about? how might we communicate our findings/ideas?"

Browse our reports from previous data parties below. If you have data you’d like to look at or health topics you’d be interested in having more data for, contact us, we’d love to collaborate and party with data!

Birth inequities in Lane County, 2023

In December 2022 & May 2023, the Community Partnerships Program invited organizations and individuals that work with pregnant people and new parents to review vital records data on births in Lane County to help tell the story of how birthing parents and newborns are impacted by structural inequities in Lane County.

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Photo of the CPP team with party decor
CPP Team at Birth Outcomes Data Party, June 2023