Domestic Violence Supervision

Parole and Probation provides specialized supervision for offenders convicted of felony or misdemeanor domestic violence offenses.   Officer's receive specialized training in working with offenders who commit crimes against current or former intimate partners, and how to respond to the victims of these offenses.   Supervision generally includes referral to batterer intervention programs in the community.   These batterer intervention programs are 52 weeks long and the offender is required to pay all fees associated with the program. 

The majority of domestic violence offenders are convicted of a misdemeanor.   However, recent legislative changes in Oregon have allowed these cases to be prosecuted as felonies when the offense was witnessed by children, or when the offender has previously offended the same victim.   State funding for community corrections is not specifically provided for misdemeanor cases; Parole and Probation was unable to continue the supervision of these cases due to budget cuts.

We are able to supervise 50 misdemeanor offenders through a Pre-Trial Domestic Violence grant.

There are approx. 400 offenders on supervision for a domestic violence offense in Lane County.

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