Transportation Planning


TrAC Meetings will be remote until further notice. Please contact staff if special accommodations are needed.


Lane County Public Works
3040 N. Delta Hwy
Eugene, OR 97408

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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM                           
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Sasha Vartanian

Transportation Planning Supervisor
(541) 682-6598
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Becky Taylor

Senior Transportation Planner
(541) 682-6932
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Alycia Lenzen-Hammerel

Engineering Associate
(541) 682-6955
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Cassidy Mills

Engineering Technician
(541) 682-6996
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To provide people equitable access to a safe, well-maintained and multi-modal transportation system

Lane County's transportation system is essential to meeting people's daily mobility needs, providing connectivity and supporting our economy. County roads connect urban and rural communities to jobs, health care, education, social services, recreation, and food supply. To serve the community, Lane County's transportation system needs to be affordable, accessible, equitable, sustainable, and resilient. This ensures supporting people walking, biking, riding transit, and driving.