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LMD Online Permit Tracking System (Pay Fees)

LMD Online provides a number of services through a single user interface that were previously offered through individual sites including permit status check, inspection scheduling, and permit fee payment.  PLEASE NOTE:  Internet Explorer 9 users must view LMDOnline using "Compatibility View".  For more information on this browser setting, click here.    

Changes to Permit Numbering Format: Permit numbers now have an added "509" prefix and an additional digit in the last set of numbers. An example of this change is BP12-1234 in the previous system changed to 509-BP12-01234 in the new system. 

Toll Free Inspection Scheduling Hotline: To schedule inspections, you can call 1-888-299-2821 via a touch-tone phone, 24 hours a day.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will need your permit's 12-digit IVR number to schedule inspections over the phone. If your permit was issued after June 5th, 2012, this number is listed on your permit document. If your permit was issued prior to June 5th, 2012, you will need to contact the Building Program at 541-682-4651 to obtain your permit's IVR number.

Land Management Property Records Online (LMD-PRO)
The Land Management Division’s Property Records Online application (LMD-PRO) is a portal for accessing official county property related documents such as building, sanitation and land use permits as well as other property related records and historic information.

Inspection Scheduling Guide

Inspector Districts / Days available (Building Safety Page Located in quick links) 

Old Planning Permit Subtype Code Descriptions

High Prairie Fire Evacuation Information -

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