Lane Workforce Partnership; Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program

The purpose of youth programs funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is to prepare youth to be the future workforce as well as lifelong learners and contributing members of the community.  This is expected to be the result of:  

  • Providing all registered youth any of the ten mandated service elements they need in order to achieve success. (This is done after an objective assessment process identifying what services are needed and developing a plan)
  • Developing collaborative relationships with other programs, school districts and employers. Linking academic and occupational learning throughout the youth’s program involvement.
  • Incorporating summer education and work activities as part of a year-round program.
  • Creating strong connections between youth participants and employers so that youth understand the employers’ expectation on the worksite.
  • Providing follow-up services to all youth for at least a year after they exit from a program.

The Lane Workforce Partnership’s youth programs are required to emphasize
these elements in their program services:

  • Preparing youth for postsecondary educational/training opportunities and/or unsubsidized employment.    Emphasizing literacy improvement (basic skills and computer literacy)  as the primary goals for youth to achieve while in their programs.
  • Addressing the disconnect between what youth know and employers expect.