Mike Roberts

Michael Roberts started at MLK School Spring 2009 and became a part of the MLK Culinary Arts vocational program.  He maintained solid attendance, earned good grades, and increased his reading level by 3 grades. He continued to work in the Culinary Program over the summer and became a leader in the kitchen and someone the staff could rely on to get things done.  Mike worked many large catering events including the MLK Holiday Meal, MLK  Open House, Willamette Leadership Academy Banquet, Communities of Color Network, and many others.

Mike successfully transitioned back to his home school district, in April 2010, and he earned additional credits for his work experience at the MLK Education Center.  Mike made excellent progress in his school and work this past year, while managing a great deal of change and disruption in his life.  Mike completed all conditions required of him at DYS and his case was recently closed.  Mike continued to work in the MLK Culinary Program for many months, during his transition away from MLK and our vocational programs.

Last, but not least, Mike gained an additional skill at MLK as a a PING PONG player.  Mike had never played a game of ping pong before and took the time to develop skills to the point where he's become the well-known MLK ping pong champ!.  Mike often stops by MLK school before his work shifts to play ping pong against staff or other students.  It's great to see him and all the success he's created for himself.

Nice Job, Mike!