Kayla Brown

Kayla Brown began working in the Culinary Arts Program, in 2009.  Kayla quickly became a leader in the kitchen and quickly grew into a promising employee.  While working, Kayla graduated from high school, completed our Recovery and Progress Court, and completed all DYS obligations. 

Eventually, Kayla was hired on as a Lane County Employee and began working as an on-call in staff member in our kitchen.  While learning and gaining experience in the Culinary Arts Program, Kayla earned the National Restaurant Association's Safeserve Certification, becoming just the second MLK student to pass the nationally recognized food safety exam.

Over time, Kayla moved out of her parent's house, got her own place, and accepted a position with the Eugene School District Nutrition Services. In her new position, Kayla will works in school cafeterias in the Eugene-Springfield area.  Kayla also works for Brewed Awakening, as a barista!  

Kayla is a joy to work with and defines success in so many ways!