Youth Perspective (1)

By Gabe Gonzalez, MLK Jr. Education Center Student

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a wonderful school.  The teachers are great and always willing to help.  The staff members here at MLK have different methods than any other school I've been to.  Their methods may be different but are very helpful.
These methods are great because they try to find a strategy that is easy for you to use.  When someone gets in trouble, the staff members don't yell and kick you out of class.  Instead, they talk to you and try to find out what happened.  In my opinion, these methods are great.
I've been attending MLK for four months and have nothing but good experiences.  I can always ask a question and expect to get a good answer. Here at MLK, I have always been treated with respect.  Staff members always listen and try to understand.
I believe that MLK is well structured and fits its students' needs.  For example, before I was here I was in a very bad position.  I was skipping school and failing all my classes.  Now that I'm at MLK I have done a complete 180.  My attendance is great and I'm an A-B student.  I get awards almost every week and I am currently student of the moth.
The classes here at MLK are not always fun but I get something out of them. The classes I like most are biology and transition.  I like biology because the teacher comes up with exercises so we can remember information.  I remember one day she came up with a funny poem so we could remember a certain set of bones.
MLK has great opportunities for teens who want to work.  They have jobs where you can work in the kitchen or outside on trails.  The best part about their vocational program is that you get paid.  Another good thing is that you get work experience. 
MLK is a great school.  The teachers are nice and easy to work with.  The staff has great and effective methods. That is why I think MLK is a great school