Lane County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Lane County is currently working in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Forestry and other agencies to update the 2005 Lane County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The complete Lane County CWPP is available for download in PDF format.

CAUTION!   Some of the PDF files are LARGE and can take some time if you are downloading through a modem connection.  Maps are best viewed with Acrobat 6.0 or higher. 

Table of Contents:


Signature Page

Executive Summary

SECTION # 1: Introduction & Background

-    Lane County CWPP Area Map (7MB)

SECTION # 2: Wildfire Risk Assessment

-    Revised Overall Risk Map (September 2008)

SECTION # 3: Community Outreach and Collaboration

SECTION # 4: Action Plan

-    Action Plan Matrix

SECTION # 5: Plan Implementation and Maintenance


Appendix A: Action Item Worksheets

Appendix B: Implementation and Maintenance Documentation

Appendix C: Risk Assessment Methods

Appendix D: Fuel Treatment Types for Lane County

Appendix E: Landowner Survey Summary

Appendix F: Stakeholder Interview Summary

Appendix G: Firewise Workshop Summary

Appendix H: Wildfire Resources

Appendix I: Glossary of Terms


​​Upper Willamette At-Risk Communities Implementation Plan (October 2008)

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