Digital Flood Map Viewer & Instructions

Digital floodplain maps are accessible by using the County’s Zone and Plan Map Viewer. The Zone and Plan Map Viewer is an interactive, web browser-based map tool that allows users to look up their property, zoom in and out, pan and turn on and off several different layers of map information related to planning and zoning.

To view the digital floodplain maps on the you must follow the link below to the Map Gallery page. Under the Interactive Mapping section, click on the Zone and Plan Map Viewer. This will bring up the digital mapping tool with a disclaimer page. From the disclaimer page you will need to click on the button stating that you have read and agree with Lane County’s disclaimer policies. Once you click on this button the map application will launch.

Within the Table of Contents towards the top right of your screen, click on the Overlay Zones box and expand the drop-down menu. Find and select the Flood Hazard box.  To locate your property on the map either zoom in on the map itself or locate the Quick Search tool towards the top right side of the screen and search either by the address or Map & Tax Lot number (13-digit). Additional tips and help can be accessed from within the map viewer.

View the Zone and Plan Map