Measure 37/49 Information

Measure 37, approved by Oregon voters, went into effect on December 2, 2004. Measure 37 amended Oregon statute to allow an owner of private real property to file a claim with the governmental jurisdiction responsible for implementing or enforcing a regulation that may have devalued that property. Ballot Measure 37 required governments to pay landowners or forgo enforcement of certain land use regulations. View more information about Measure 37.

Please Note: Measure 37 expired on December, 6th 2007, the date Measure 49 took effect.

Measure 49 modifies Measure 37 to give landowners who have filed claims under Measure 37 the right to build homes as compensation for land use regulations imposed after they acquired their properties. Measure 49 allows development of one to three home sites on properties that qualify, and up to 10 on properties that meet a more rigorous set of conditions.

The Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development is responsible for processing applications under Measure 49. For more information, please refer to the Department of Land Conservation and Development’s 
Measure 49 Website.