Am I Eligible?

Applicants must meet four criteria to be eligible for WIC:    

  1. Be a pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding woman, or an
    infant or child under five years of age.
  2. Have a nutritional need.
  3. Live in an area served by a WIC clinic
    (every geographical area in Oregon is served by WIC).
  4. Have a household income less than 185% of 
    poverty guidelines  (if you currently receive TANF,
    Food Stamps or the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), you are automatically income eligible).

Income Eligibility Criteria Effective May 1st 2018
The WIC income standard is 185% of the federal poverty level.           

     Income 2018



Are Dads Eligible for WIC?

Yes! Although dads do not receive benefits for themselves, they may receive benefits for their WIC eligible children.

Are Foster Children Eligible for WIC?

Yes! Foster children within the age guidelines for WIC can receive WIC services. 

What if I'm Currently Receiving WIC in another State?

You can have your benefits transferred to Lane County. 

Contact WIC

Telephone: 541-682-4202

Email WIC

151 W 7th Ave
Room 210
Eugene, OR 97402

8:00am - 6:30pm

8:00am - 4:30pm