Human Services Commission

The Human Services Commission is comprised of elected officials from the three jurisdictions that comprise the scope of the HSC; the cities of Springfield, Eugene, and Lane County. The Lane County Human Services Division (HSD) has been the lead agency for the Continuum of Care since 1994. The HSD is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services and provides health, housing, and human services through partnerships with local governments and public, private non-profit, and private community-based organizations. The HSD coordinates an integrated community safety net delivery system of basic needs social services, anti-poverty programs, and supportive services for low-income and homeless community members.

Commission Members

Lane County: 
Laurie Trieger
Heather Buch

City of Eugene:
Matt Keating, Chair
Randy Groves
Ryan Moore

City of Springfield:

Kori Rodley, Vice Chair
Victoria Doyle

Kachina Inman, Assistant Director, Lane County Health & Human Services
Peter Chavannes, Homeless Systems Policy Manager, City of Eugene
Erin Fifield, Community Development Analyst, City of Springfield



Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 

Dear HSC Members,


As you know, the HSC Chairs plus two community members and Lane County staff kicked off a charter review process in August. Our group met to review the charter, share insights, history and perspective from each participant and have since been working on individual analysis of the charter—with the goal of returning to a collective conversation this month.  At our HSC Chair meeting today we explored the important work of that group in shaping our collective future of this Commission and Lane County staff shared about supports they are exploring, namely, the opportunity to engage with a third-party consultant who is experienced in assessing and facilitating dialogue, scoping and communication around Boards, Commissions and Advisory Groups in public spaces.


To this end, the Chairs have decided to support that path forward with Lane County staff and use the next few months to expand the charter review process and think more globally around the role of HSC.  We hope the decision to shift and cancel the next few meetings will provide the space and capacity for each of you to provide your insight and perspective in that engagement.  We collectively feel as though it’ll be an opportunity for us to re-emerge in a more robust, strategic way to dig into the areas that honor your time and role within each of your organizations in supporting anti-poverty, human services work across the county.


Should you have any questions please reach out to myself, Vice-Chair Kori Rodley or Karen Saxe.  We will keep you all apprised as next steps start to shape up.


Thank you,


Matt Keating