Job Classifications

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Abuse Investigator
Accounting Analyst
Accounting Clerk 1/2
Accounting Clerk 1/2 - Bilingual
Accounting Clerk, Sr
Accounting Clerk, Sr - Bilingual
Administrative Analyst
Administrative Analyst, Sr
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant - Bilingual
Administrative Support Assistant
Administrative Support Specialist
Administrative Support Supervisor
Administrative Support Technician
Animal Welfare Officer
Animal Welfare Officer, Sr
Assessment and Taxation Specialist
Assistant Veteran Services Coordinator
Building Safety Specialist 1
Building Safety Specialist 2
Building Safety Specialist, Sr


Cartographer - GIS Specialist
Clerical Assistant
Clinical Pharmacist
Communications Officer
Communications Specialist
Community Health Analyst 1
Community Health Analyst 1 - Bilingual 
Community Health Analyst 2
Community Health Analyst 2 - Bilingual
Community Health Analyst, Sr
Community Health Analyst, Sr - Bilingual
Community Health Nurse 1/2
Community Health Nurse 1/2 - Bilingual
Community Service Worker 1/2
Community Service Worker 1/2 Bilingual
Compliance Officer
Correctional Services Technician
Correctional Services Technician - Bilingual
County Administrator
County Counsel, Assistant 1
County Counsel, Assistant 2
County Counsel
Custodian - Detention
Database Administrator
Database Administrator, Sr
Department Director, Assistant
Department Director
Deputy District Attorney 1
Deputy District Attorney 2
Deputy District Attorney 3
Deputy Sheriff
Developmental Disabilities Specialist
Development Disabilities Specialist - Bilingual


Electrical Inspector
Employment Specialist 1/2
Employment Specialist 1/2 - Bilingual
Engineering Analyst
Environmental Health Specialist 1/2
Environmental Health Specialist 2 - Bilingual
Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist
Expanded Practice Dental Hygienist, Sr


Facilities Electrician
Facility Support Officer
Family Mediator
Fleet Services Purchasing Specialist


Information Services Project Manager
Information Services Project Manager, Sr
Information Technology Specialist 1
Information Technology Specialist 2


Justice Court Clerk
Justice Court Clerk, Sr
Juvenile Counselor 1/2
Juvenile Counselor 1/2 - Bilingual
Juvenile Counselor, Sr
Juvenile Group Worker
Juvenile Group Worker, Sr
Juvenile Justice Specialist
Juvenile Justice Specialist - Bilingual
Juvenile Justice Specialist, Sr
Juvenile Justice System Nurse


Land Management Technician
Land Management Technician - Bilingual
Landscape Technician
Lane Events Center Events Coordinator
Lane Events Center Maintenance Specialist
Lane Events Center Marketing Assistant
Laundry Specialist
Legal Secretary 1/2
Legal Secretary 1/2 - Bilingual
Licensed Practical Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse - Bilingual


Mail Clerk
Maintenance Specialist 1/2
Maintenance Specialist 3
Maintenance Specialist, Lead
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Trades Supervisor
Management Analyst
Management Analyst, Sr
Manager, Sr
Mechanic 1
Mechanic 2
Mechanic, Sr
Medical Assistant 1/2
Medical Assistant 1/2 - Bilingual
Medical-Legal Death Investigator
Mental Health Associate
Mental Health Associate - Bilingual 
Mental Health Specialist 1/2
Mental Health Specialist 1/2 - Bilingual
Mental Health Specialist, Sr
MHO Care Coordinator Specialist
Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer


Network Administrator, Sr
Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner - Bilingual
Office Assistant 1/2
Office Assistant 1/2 - Bilingual
Office Assistant, Sr
Office Assistant, Sr - Bilingual
Operations Events Worker
Operations Events Worker, Sr


Paralegal, County Counsel
Parks Maintenance 1
Parks Maintenance 2
Parks Maintenance, Sr
Parole and Probation Officer 1/2
Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Care Coordinator - Bilingual
Payroll Specialist
Payroll Specialist, Senior 
Peer Support Specialist
Physician, Internal Medicine
Physician, Naturopathic
Physicians Assistant
Physicians Assistant - Bilingual
Planner, Associate
Planner, Sr
Plans Examiner 1
Plans Examiner 2
Plans Examiner, Sr
Professional/Technical Supervisor
Program Manager
Program Services Coordinator 1
Program Services Coordinator 1 - Bilingual
Program Services Coordinator 2
Program Services Coordinator 2 - Bilingual
Program Services Coordinator, Sr
Program Services Coordinator, Sr - Bilingual
Program Specialist
Program Specialist, Sr
Program Supervisor
Programmer Analyst 1
Programmer Analyst 2
Programmer and Systems Analyst, Sr
Property Appraiser 1/2
Property Appraiser 3
Property Management Officer 1/2
Public Safety Support Specialist
Public Safety Support Supervisor
Public Works Analyst


Records Officer 1
Records Officer 2
Records Specialist
Road Maintenance Worker/Trainee
Road Maintenance Operator
Road Maintenance Operator, Senior
Road Maintenance Specialist


Sales Data Analyst
Senior Prosecutor
Shop Utility Worker
Sheriff's Office Communications Network Coordinator
Solid Waste Worker/Trainee
Solid Waste Operator
Solid Waste Operator, Senior
Special Waste Specialist
Special Waste Technician
Stores Clerk
Stores Clerk, Sr
System Administrator, Sr
System Network Architect
Technical Specialist
Technology Services Business Analyst
Victim Advocate
Victim Advocate - Bilingual

Waste Management Fee Collector
Waste Management Fee Collector, Sr
WIC Certifier
WIC Certifier - Bilingual
WIC Nutritionist/Dietician