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Firewise Standards

Available Grant Funding***

Defensible Space Development

Brush clearing and limbing of trees within a 30'-100' buffer around the home, removal of hazardous vegetation, needles, leaves and other potential ladder fuels.

$500 up to $2000 when site conditions may require a larger defensible space

Driveway Access

Removal of brush and overhanging vegetation along the driveway to provide adequate and safe access for emergency vehicles (12’ wide and 14’ high).


Fire Resistant Plants and Landscaping Materials

Planting of fire-resistant vegetation within the defensible space of the home and placement of fire resistant materials (such as stone or decorative gravel) adjacent to the dwelling

$300 per home**

Defensible Space Irrigation System

Installation of an irrigation system within the defensible space of the home.

25% of the cost of the system (including labor) - not to exceed $500**

Water Catchment Tank

Water-Catchment Storage Tank(s) supplying water to a Defensible Space Irrigation System (maximum individual tank size not to exceed 5,000 gallons).

80% of construction cost up to $2,500**

Roof Covering

Wood Shake Roofs shall be replaced with a Class A roof covering or a Class A roof assembly. Class A roofing includes: asphalt shingles, slate or clay tile, metal, cement and concrete products, or terra-cotta tiles.

80% of construction cost up to $4,000**

Noncombustible Exterior Siding

Exterior siding for dwellings shall be made of noncombustible materials.

80% of construction cost up to $4000**

Fire Resistant Windows, Skylights and Other Exterior Glass Applications

Exterior windows, window walls and glazed doors, windows within exterior doors, and skylights shall be tempered glass, multilayered glazed panels, glass block, or have fire protection rating of not less than 20 minutes.

80% of construction cost up to $1500**

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors shall be approved non-combustible construction, solid core wood not less than 1 ¾ inches thick (45mm), or have a fire protection rating of not less than 20 minutes. Windows within doors and glazed doors shall be in accordance with the exterior glazing category, above.

80% of construction cost up to $300**

Spark Arrestor

Chimneys serving fireplaces, barbecues, incinerators or decorative heating appliances in which solid or liquid fuel is used shall be provided with a spark arrestor constructed of woven or welded wire screening of 12 USA standard gage wire having openings not to exceed ½ inch.

up to $100**

Vent Protection

Attic ventilation openings, foundation or underfloor vents, or other ventilation openings in vertical exterior walls and vents through roofs shall not exceed 144 square inches (0.0929m2) each. Such vents shall be covered with non-combustible corrosion-resistant mesh with openings not to exceed ¼ inch (6.4mm).

up to $100**

** To receive funding for these improvements, a defensible space around the home is required. Staff will discuss this requirement with the property owner during the site visit.

*** Funding is provided to help cover work conducted by a licensed contractor or landscaper and to assist with materials costs. Funding is not provided to reimburse homeowners for their labor costs.

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